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We are an efficiently operated company specialized in the production and extrusion of premium yarn.

Our high-quality product requires very strict checks and quality assurance. It must all be perfect, Edel Yarns and Extrusion are passed on to guarantee quality and perform. With quality control, machines, knowledge and the right specialists on board, we have developed and invested heavily over the past few years, making us innovative and leading in the market.

Brand values


Specialized knowledge and state-of-the-art production facilities create the foundation for products of excellent quality.


We are fully independent and only produce for third party clients. We push the boundaries to fulfil client wishes. Our yarns are manufactured in close cooperation with our clients


The yarns of Edel Yarns & Extrusion are well known for their innovative constructions created with the latest techniques who are always at the forefront of trends. Edel Yarns is constantly looking for sustainable production methods.

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Nijverheidsstraat 39
8281 JD Genemuiden

T. +31 (0)38- 385 2211
E. info@edelyarns.com

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